Ep 019: Staying Consistent, Connected, and Collaborative w/ Karim Roushdy

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Karim Roushdy enjoys founding and being part of startups. He is analytical, yet creative. Loves the calmness but enjoys having an adrenaline rush! Karim came from Egypt and is currently residing in the Finest City in America, San Diego. He started a new program, called Project26, which aims to help connect the startup tech community…

Ep 018: Creating a Better Version of Yourself w/ Derek Loudermilk

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Derek is one crazy dude. After graduating from Montana State in 2014, he went on a little adventure to explore the world. And by little, I mean travelling to 27 different countries and visiting all 50 states. He is also the host of his own show, The Art of Adventure Podcast, who’s main goal is…

Ep 017: How to Build Subscribers from 10 to 10,000 w/ Derric Haynie

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Derric Haynie is a serial entrepreneur working his way up to a Keynote Speaker. He is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and startup founders “growth hack” their way to success. he started the company Splash – Online Presence Management, with a goal of helping 10,000 entrepreneurs successfully set up profitable inbound marketing funnels, and get their…

Ep 016: How Mentors Can Help Save Your Business w/ Jenny Amaraneni

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Jenny Amaraneni is an MBA graduate from San Diego State University, who is on a mission to restore vision around the globe. She is doing this through a company she had co-founded, SOLO Eyewear. With each SOLO sunglasses purchased, the team funds eye care for people in need.   STRATEGIES USED TO FUND BUSINESS I…

Ep 015: Building A Team That Works w/ Luke Sophinos

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Luke is a student entrepreneur from San Diego State University. He has won numerous awards such as winning 1st place in SDSU’s Lean Model Competition and awarded the top student entrepreneur at San Diego State University during the Spring of 2015. His software company, Coursekey, aims to improve the lack of interaction in classes and…