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What Is Startup Life Hacks?

Startup Life Hacks is a resource to inspire and empower young entrepreneurs. It is run by me, Rommel Cabal, to teach practical small business and startup tips that are not taught in the majority of schools.


Who is Rommel Cabal? (There's a reason for the baldness)

I am an engineering student (the reason) that stumbled upon entrepreneurship by accident. The competition was high for college graduates to get an entry level job, and it didn’t help that these entry level jobs required years of experience.

So what was I to do?

During my undergraduate studies, I worked in a startup that manufactured affordable desktop 3d printers. It was pretty cool telling others what I did, and being at the forefront of new technology. We literally started in a garage in Pacific Beach, California.

It was a humbling experience and was the first time I had ever been exposed to the startup life. I was even able to build one for myself and take it home 🙂


I experimented in creating apps by starting a mobile gaming company and played around with what was “hot” at the time.

This was when I learned: If you build it, sometimes they don’t come...

Yup...let's kiss that idea out the door (pun intended)


Graduation came and I was still uncertain if the skills I had acquired were enough to get a good job, although I did apply to many.

This uncertainty led me to apply for graduate school, to further develop my skills.

To my surprise, the same time I received my acceptance letter, I received confirmation to work for Qualcomm Inc.



Now I have to juggle full-time work and graduate school. I struggled with social life and missed many family gatherings.

I was not happy. And I felt miserable.

I wasn’t done with the startup life though. I was intrigued by the tenacity these entrepreneurs had in order to make a huge impact in the world. This is what I wanted. To make a difference.

I started this podcast and this blog to share my experiences interviewing startup founders and entrepreneurs in hopes that my listeners will one day too be inspired to pursue their own dreams.

In order for me to continue to do what I love, I had to make a leap. I left a comfortable corporate job to live a self-directed, meaningful life. To utilize my time helping people and enjoying the benefits with family and friends (something I truly treasure).


With this newly acquired freedom, I’m able to contribute more to society. I’ve taken leadership in Entrepreneur Society, the largest student organization on campus; volunteer at non-profits; and help bridge the gap between the local universities and startup community in San Diego.

This blog is not meant to boast my expertise in the subject of small business and startups, but to share my journey (as well as others) in the process.

It is designed to help you get started, even while you are at school. Learn from the mistakes, as well as the wins from others.